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It continued to inspect government-licensed brothels, including by screening for trafficking indicators.In December 2015, the government issued its first temporary residence permit for a labor trafficking victim and his family.However, penalties are not sufficiently stringent where the provisions allow for a fine in lieu of a prison sentence.The code defines as trafficking fraudulent labor recruitment for the purpose of subjecting workers to forced labor or prostitution.Maarten, which led to the prosecution of six suspected traffickers.A new penal code, which went into effect in June 2015, prohibits forced labor and forced prostitution, prescribing penalties ranging from 12 to 24 years’ imprisonment, which are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with penalties for other serious crimes, such as rape.The temporary residence program is designed to encourage victim assistance in the investigation and prosecution of traffickers.The government has a formal policy to protect identified victims from being punished for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being subjected to human trafficking.

Maarten’s history, which led to the arrest of six suspects on charges of human trafficking in both St. Eustatius, the suspension of the operating license of the country’s largest legal brothel, the rescue of 14 sex trafficking victims, and, following close cooperation with authorities in the Dominican Republic, identification of 35 additional victims previously employed by the brothel.

Maarten; and continue implementing the national anti-trafficking plan.

PROSECUTION The government increased its law enforcement efforts, spearheaded the largest trafficking investigation in its history, and closed down one of the largest brothels in St.

Authorities referred potential victims to care through verbal agreements with an anti-trafficking NGO and government agencies.

The government provided a wide range of services and support, through a crime victims’ compensation fund, to NGOs to provide victim services, including food, clothing, shelter, medical and psychological services, assistance in repatriation, and obtaining residence and work permits.

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The National Reporting Bureau on Human Trafficking (NRB), the lead agency for coordinating the government’s efforts to combat human trafficking and emergency response to cases, conducted semiannual training on human trafficking indicators for immigration officers, ambulance personnel, community police, family doctors, and hospital staff.

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