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Imagine the shock of finding out that your significant other is not only unfaithful but has been living a double life.To make matters worse, they have a different name, a second wife, kids, a house, and a pet dog that you never knew about. The following shows that not everyone takes their marriage vows to heart.Unsurprisingly, Ed had asked her to marry him a week before that.

It’s a shame he never wrote a tell-all book, which surely would’ve given The last person you’d expect to be living a double life is a priest.In his book , Hill writes that Edward IV secretly married a lady named Eleanor Talbot before his marriage to Woodville.The marriage was acknowledged in an act of parliament in 1484.Alec Stevenson, originally from New Zealand, married his first wife in 1962.He walked out on her and their three children and moved to Australia to start a new life. Stevenson did, however, get divorced from his second wife, whom he married in 1974. He never told any of the women that he was still married and had children.

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